There is a test environment available for integration development and testing, which simulates most of the requests and transaction types available in the platform. You can use this environment to ensure your requests are handled accordingly.
The base URL for development is: https://sandbox.dlocal.com/api_curl/cashout_api
Please note that in the test environment, no transactions will actually be processed.

Mock Sending Payouts in Sandbox

To mock desired responses in sandbox, you need to specify the following inputs in the 'comments' field:
Step to Mock
Payout STATUS to Mock
'comment' Input
Receive an error when submitting the payout
Any 3XX errors E.g.: "comment": "300"
Receive a success when submitting the payout but a rejection when checking the status
DELIVERED:3XX *Yo can select any 3XX error. E.g.: "comment": "DELIVERED:300"
Receive a success both when submitting the payout and when checking the status)
E.g.: "comment": "DELIVERED:COMPLETED"


After the testing phase is successful, you are ready to go live in the production environment.
The base URL for production is: https://api.dlocal.com/api_curl/cashout_api
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