The Wallet Object

nameStringName of wallet.
saveBooleanWhether or not a token will be included in the response in order to make future payments. Optional, default FALSE.
tokenStringToken used to make recurring payments to a previously saved wallet. Required for Direct Wallet Payments.
expirationStringExpiration (in days) of a saved wallet. Optional.
usernameStringUser's username in the merchant's website. Required for Webpay OneClick.
emailStringUser’s email. Required for Webpay OneClick.
recurring_infoObjectInfo of recurring information for the user. Optional (for MercadoPago)
verifyBooleanIf using the request just to verify the wallet, and not creating a payment. Mandatory as TRUE if amount=0. Default FALSE.
captureBooleanWhether or not to immediately capture the charge. When FALSE, the charge issues an authorization and will need to be captured later. Default TRUE. Optional.
deviceIdObjectDevice information. Check relevant section. Required for Mercado Pago.