Payments HTTP Errors


Below you can find an example of a Credit Card payment.

All the errors are returned with appropriate HTTP status code, 4XX or 5XX. The format of all errors is:

codeIntegerError code.
messageStringHuman readable message.
paramStringIn case one parameter is wrong.

Example error

    "code": 5005,
    "message": "User unauthorized due to cadastral situation"

HTTP Errors

HTTP Status CodeError CodeError Detail
403 Forbidden3001Invalid Credentials.
403 Forbidden3002Unregistered IP address.
403 Forbidden3003Merchant has no authorization to use this API.
404 Forbidden4000Payment not found.
400 Bad Request5000Invalid request.
400 Bad Request5001Missing parameter. [parameter_name]
400 Bad Request5002Invalid transaction status.
400 Bad Request5003Country not supported.
400 Bad Request5004Currency not allowed for this country.
400 Bad Request5005User unauthorized due to cadastral situation.
400 Bad Request5006User limit exceeded.
400 Bad Request5007Amount exceeded.
400 Bad Request5008Token not found or inactive.
400 Bad Request5009Order ID is duplicated.
400 Bad Request5010Method not available.
400 Bad Request5013Unsupported operation.
400 Bad Request5014User blacklisted.
400 Bad Request5016Amount too low.
400 Bad Request5017Invalid API Version.
400 Bad Request5018Chargeback in place for this transaction.
400 Bad Request5021Acquirer could not process the request.
429 Too many requests6000Too many requests to the API.
500 Internal Server Error7000Failed to process the request.
504 Gateway Amount5010Request Timeout.