The 3D-Secure Object

mpiBooleanTRUE if you are going to use a 3rd-party 3D Secure provider.
If null, then mpi = FALSE
three_dsecure_versionStringOptions: 1.0, 2.0, 2.1.0, 2.2.0.
If null, then three_dsecure_version = "1.0".
cavvStringThe cardholder authentication value for the 3D Secure authentication session. The returned value is a base64-encoded 20-byte array.
Required if mpi = TRUE.
eciStringThe electronic commerce indicator.
Required if mpi = TRUE.

See possible values and description.​
xidStringThe transaction identifier assigned by the Directory Server for v1 authentication (base64 encoded, 20 bytes in a decoded form).
Required if mpi = TRUE and three_dsecure_version = "1.0".
ds_transaction_idStringThe transaction identifier assigned by the 3DS Server for v2 authentication (36 characters, commonly in UUID format).
Required if mpi = TRUE and three_dsecure_version = 2.x.
enrollment_responseStringThe enrollment response from the VERes message from the Directory Server.

"Y": Authentication available
"N" Cardholder not participating
"U": Unable to authenticate/Card not eligible
authentication_responseStringFrom the PARes from the issuer's Access Control System.

"Y": Authentication successful
"A": Attempts processing performed
"N": Authentication failed
"U": Authentication could not be performed