The Refund Object

idStringThe refund ID.
payment_idStringThe payment ID.
amount Positive FloatThe amount of the refund. Always in local currency.
amount_refundedPositive FloatAmount received by the end user. Always in local currency.
currencyStringThe currency code of the refund.
statusStringThe status of the refund.
status_codeStringThe status code of the refund.
status_detailStringThe status detail.
created_dateStringThe date of when the refund was executed.
notification_urlStringURL where dLocal will send notifications associated to changes in this refund.
descriptionStringDescription of the refund.
bankStringUser's bank name.
bank_accountStringUser's bank account number.
bank_account_typeStringType of bank account. C: for Current accounts; S: for Savings accounts; I: International accounts.
bank_branchStringUser's bank branch name.
order_idStringID of the payment, given by the merchant in their system.