Postman API Collection

Learn how to create and manage online payments using the Postman collection to make requests to the dLocal API.

Getting started with the dLocal API collection

To start, go to the dLocal GitHub project and fork the dLocal API collection to later import it to your Postman application.

In order to make test API calls, you’ll need the Sandbox credentials that you can find by registering for a dLocal account.

Once you’ve registered for an account, navigate in the Merchant Dashboard to the Integration section with your account in test mode, and copy your Sandbox credentials.

Exploring the API

Postman is an easy to use, point and click tool for testing REST APIs.

The dLocal API collection includes the Payins and Payouts information organized by each product. Before making a request, it’s good practice to review the fields to see which ones are required and what they do.

Download collection
Start using dLocal Postman collection.