Purpose codes reference

To comply with bank's regulations.

Some countries' bank compliance processes require you to specify each payment's purpose:

EPFAMTFamily maintenance.
ISMDCSPayment for medical care services.
ISSTDYPayment of study/tuition costs.
ISCHARPayment for charity reasons.
EPPROPPayment of property purchase.
EPSHARPayment of shares.
EPIVSTPayment of an investment.
ISUBILPayment to common utility provider.
ISTAXSPayment of taxes.
EPTKAGPayment of travel tickets or tourism agencies.
ISSAVGPayment to savings/retirement account.
ISPENSPension payment.
ISPAYRPayment of payroll.
ISGDDSPurchase sale of physical goods.
ISDGGDPurchase sale of digital goods.
ISSUPPSupplier payment.
ISSCVEPurchase sale of services.
EPCAPIPayment of capital contribution.
EPRENTPayment of movable property rental.
ISLOGSPayment for logistic and/or delivery services.
EPIVFEPayment of an investment (interest) owed to a financial entity.
EPBTOBBusiness to Business.
EPINSUPayment of Insurances.
ISPUBSPublic/government services.
ISAFFIAffiliation programs.