Payment status codes

Use payment status codes for in-depth situation analysis.

Payment status codes


Testing payments

You can test different status codes in Sandbox by sending the desired status code in the description field.

StatusStatus codeDescription
PENDING100The payment is pending.
PAID200The payment was paid.
REJECTED300The payment was rejected.
CANCELLED400The payment was cancelled.
AUTHORIZED600The payment was authorized.
VERIFIED700The payment was verified.

Rejection status

Find out the detail of the REJECTED status in the table below.

Status codeDescription
300The payment was rejected.
301Rejected by bank.
302Insufficient amount.
303Card blacklisted.
304Score validation.
305Max attempts reached.
306Call bank for authorize.
307Duplicated payment.
308Credit card disabled.
309Card expired.
310Card reported lost.
311Card requested by the bank.
312Card restricted by the bank.
313Card reported stolen.
314Invalid card number.
315Invalid security code.
316Unsupported operation.
317Rejected due to high risk.
318Invalid transaction.
319Amount exceeded.
3203D-Secure is required.
321Error in acquirer.
323Invalid user account.
324Invalid PIN.
325Transaction frequency limit exceeded.
326User account disabled or expired.
327Error in external network.
340The payment was expired.
3413DS challenge not completed by the user.

Pending status

Find out the details of the PENDING status in the table below.

Status codeDescription
100The payment is pending.
101The payment is pending 3D Secure authentication.