HTTP Errors

The error code shown when actions related to an account fail.

Error handling

All the Platforms API error responses have the following format:

codeStringError’s code.
messageStringError’s description.
fieldStringField indicating the parameter associated with the reported error.

Example response

   "message":"The platform_type is not found.",

Generic errors

HTTP StatusCodeMessage
400invalid_account_statusInvalid account status.
500internal_errorInternal error.
403authentication_failedAuthentication failed.
401invalid_credentialsInvalid credentials

It is necessary to review the details of each service to learn more about all the possible errors returned for each specific case

Error codes

Account creation

HTTP StatusCodeMessageField
400platform_type_not_foundThe platform_type is not found.platform_type
400invalid_name_lengthThe name length must be between 2 and 100.account_name
400invalid_name_not_nullThe name cannot be null or empty.account_name
400invalid_email_formatThe email format is not valid.account_email
400invalid_email_formatEmail cannot be null or empty.account_email
400invalid_notification_urlThe notification URL is not valid.notification_url
400country_requiredThe country cannot be null or
400country_not_supportedInvalid country.account_country
400invalid_external_id_lengthaccount_external_reference length must be between 2 and 100.account_external_reference
400invalid_tax_not_nullInvalid tax_id.company_information.
400invalid_document_typeInvalid company document type.company_information.

Information and documentation update

HTTP StatusCodeMessageField
400file_format_not_supportedUnsupported file type.file_name
400file_too_largeMaximum file size 10 MB.file
400file_emptyFile size must be greater than 0.file

Account information

HTTP StatusCodeMessageField
404account_not_foundThe account was not found.account_id

Split payments

HTTP StatusCodeMessage
2005023Operation unauthorized due to account being invalid or not approved.
2005024Operation unauthorized due to account blocked.
2005029Operation unauthorized due to account pending or creating.
2005030Operation unauthorized due to account cancelled.
2005031Operation unauthorized due to account blocked_by_fraud.
2005032Operation unauthorized due to account blocked_by_legal.
2005033Operation unauthorized due to account rejected by the industry.
2005034Operation unauthorized due to account rejected by legal.
2005035Operation unauthorized due to account rejected by high risk.
2005036Operation unauthorized due to no Splits object.
2005037Operation unauthorized due to account_id not belonging to the platform.
2005038Operation unauthorized due to not enough balance.
2005039Operation failed due to an internal error.
2005040Operation failed due to invalid parameter: beneficiary_account_id.

Bank account management

HTTP StatusCodeMessageField
400invalid_bank_codeInvalid bank code.bank_code
400invalid_bank_code_not_nullBank code cannot be null or empty.bank_code
400invalid_beneficiary_name_not_nullBeneficiary name cannot be null or empty.beneficiary_name
400invalid_beneficiary_document_numberInvalid beneficiary document number.beneficiary_document_id
400invalid_beneficiary_document_typeInvalid beneficiary document type.beneficiary_document_type
400invalid_beneficiary_phoneInvalid beneficiary phone number.beneficiary_phone