The Payer Object

nameStringUser's full name.

Length: 100.
emailStringUser’s email address.

Length: 100.
birth_dateStringUser’s birthdate (DD-MM-YYYY).

Length: 10.
phoneStringUser’s phone. Mandatory for Wallets in India. Also required for fraud prevention. See Fraud Prevention page.

Length: 20.
documentStringUser’s personal identification number. To see the document code list per country, go to the Country Reference page.

Length: 30.
document2StringAdditional personal identification.
user_referenceStringUnique user ID at the merchant side. Required for fraud prevention.

Lenght: 125.
address ObjectUser's address. Required in India and South Africa for fraud prevention.
ipStringUser's IP address. Required for fraud prevention.

Lenght: 39.
device_idStringUser's unique device identifier, for information on how to obtain the device_id see the Device ID documentation. Required for fraud prevention.

Lenght: 25.

Example Object

"name" : "Thiago Gabriel",
"email" : "[email protected]",
"document" : "53033315550",
"user_reference": "12345",
"address": {
    "state"  : "Rio de Janeiro",
    "city" : "Volta Redonda",
    "zip_code" : "27275-595",
    "street" : "Servidão B-1",
    "number" : "1106"
"ip" : "2001:0db8:0000:0000:0000:ff00:0042:8329",
"device_id" : "2fg3d4gf234"