The Authorization Object

card_idStringCard ID provided when the card was created.
account_idStringAccount ID provided when the account was created.
transaction_idStringUnique identifier for the transaction.
original_transaction_idStringUnique identifier for the original transaction. It's uses when processing_code is "20 - Cancel" or "06 - Capture"
entry_modeStringThe point of service entry mode. According ISO 8583 specification.

Main possible values -the first 2 digits-:
01 - Manual
05 - Chip
07 - Contactless
10 - Credential on file
80 - Fallback
81 - Ecommerce
90 - Magnetic stripe

Others as defined by the network.
processing_codeStringProcessing code for each transaction type.

Main possible values -the first 2 digits-:
00 - Purchase
01 - Withdrawal
02 - Debit adjustment
05 - Authorization
06 - Capture
09 - Cashback
20 - Cancel / Void
21 - Refund
30 - Balance Inquiry

Others as defined by the network.
created_dateStringDate at which the transaction was created.
created_timeStringTime at which the transaction was created.
amount_merchantNumberOriginal transaction amount. -Max. 2 decimal numbers-
currency_merchantStringOriginal currency at purchase. Three-letter ISO currency code.
amount_compensationNumberAmount to be authorized in USD (for information purposes only).

Max. 2 decimal numbers.
currency_compensationStringThree-letter ISO currency code.
amount_billingNumberFinal amount to be authorized in the user's currency. Includes taxes and fees if applicable.

Max. 2 decimal numbers.
currency_billingStringCardholder's local currency. Three-letter ISO currency code.
card_acceptorCard Acceptor ObjectSeller information.
conversionConversion ObjectPurchase amount in Euros or dollars.