Create card

Learn how to create an issue a card.

This function allows to create and issue a new card for an account-owner. The card is associated to the account and all transactions will be reflected on the account's balance.


Card schemes are subject to availability.

In response to card creation, you will receive a card_id, please store this value because it will be used for transacting.

Please note that:

  • Each card must be associated with an account from which payments will be deducted.
  • An account can only have one card associated with it.

Asynchronous notifications

When there is a change of status for the card, we will send you a notification to the provided notification_url indicating card_id. You will need to call the Get card information function to review these changes.

    "account_id": "ISGA-4-9618440e0abe4fcfa77575319e6eb7ec"