Account HTTP Errors


HTTP StatusCodeMessageField
400merchant_type_not_foundThe merchant_type is not found or is not associated with the Marketplace account.merchant_type
400invalid_name_lengthName length must be between 2 and
400invalid_email_formatEmail format not
400duplicate_emailAn account with the same email already
400country_not_supportedCountry not
400missing_countryCountry is mandatory for Cross Border Merchant Types.merchant_type, country
400country_not_availableThe country is not available for the Merchant Type.merchant_type, country
400invalid_document_typeInvalid document type.document_type
400invalid_logo_urlLogo URL is not valid.logo_url
400invalid_success_urlSuccess URL is not valid.success_url
400invalid_error_urlError URL is not valid.error_url
400invalid_notification_urlNotification URL is not valid.notification_url
400file_format_not_supportedFile format not supported (only JPG, PNG and PDF are supported).document_content
400file_too_largeFile size must not exceed 10MB.document_content
400bad_file_encodingThe file is not encoded correctly with Base 64.document_content
401incorrect_email_or_passwordIncorrect email or, password
404account_not _foundThe account was not found.account_id