Issuing status codes

Find all the information about status codes.

Card Status

If you are looking for the possible card status, please refer to this page

Pending Status

StatusStatus codeStatus detail
PENDING100The operation is pending.
PENDING101The account is pending.
PENDING102The KYC process is pending.
PENDING103The transfer is pending.
PENDING105Update phone number required.
PENDING106Update email required.
PENDING107Update address required.
PENDING108Update images required.

Waiting for information

StatusStatus codeStatus detail
WAITING_FOR_IMAGES200Images are required.
WAITING_FOR_OTP_PHONE203Error while sending OTP to phone.
WAITING_FOR_OTP_PHONE204Update phone number required.

Active Status

StatusStatus codeStatus detail
ACTIVE300The account is active.
ACTIVE301Request has been accepted and is being processed.
ACTIVE302The account is being cancelled.
ACTIVE303The transfer is approved.

Inactive Status

StatusStatus codeStatus detail
INACTIVE400The account is inactive.

Rejection Status

StatusStatus codeStatus detail
REJECTED500The operation was rejected.
REJECTED501Rejected by invalid address city.
REJECTED502Rejected by invalid address state.
REJECTED503Incorrect address.
REJECTED504Rejected by ZIP code.
REJECTED505Invalid KYC process.
REJECTED506There is a problem with your request.
REJECTED507ID cannot be validated.
REJECTED508Selfie cannot be validated.
REJECTED509Account already exists.
REJECTED510User blacklisted.
REJECTED511Invalid birthdate.
REJECTED512Document is invalid.
REJECTED513Password is invalid.
REJECTED514Card already exists.
REJECTED515Error in Issuer.
REJECTED516Timeout expired while executing the transaction.
REJECTED517The source account does not exist.
REJECTED518The source account has no funds.
REJECTED519The destination account does not exist.
REJECTED520Amount too large.
REJECTED521Amount too small.
REJECTED523Rejected by invalid OTP.
REJECTED524User must be over 18 years old.
REJECTED525Rejected by invalid expedition date.

Cancelled Status

StatusStatus codeStatus detail
CANCELLED600The account is cancelled.
CANCELLED601The card is cancelled.

Error Status

Create Account

StatusStatus codeStatus detailCountry
ERROR5011Email already exists.ALL
ERROR5012Phone number already exists.ALL
ERROR5014Invalid state code.ALL
ERROR5015Invalid city code.ALL
ERROR5018Document already exist.ALL
ERROR5019Account identifier already used.ALL
ERROR5020Document is invalidBR
ERROR5021Invalid nameBR
ERROR5022Invalid last names (first or second last name)BR
ERROR5023Invalid birth date.BR
ERROR5024User blacklisted / declined by risk policy.AR, BR
ERROR5037Phone code and number are required.BR
ERROR5038Phone code or number are invalid.BR
ERROR5041Invalid country.ALL
ERROR5044Create account max attempts reachedCO
ERROR5054Rejected by invalid expedition date.CO

Upload KYC

StatusStatus codeStatus detailCountry
ERROR3007Maximum upload size exceeded.AR, BR
ERROR3008Invalid file extension + [param name].AR, BR
ERROR5025The document type is not accepted.BR
ERROR5026Low quality selfieBR
ERROR5027The uploaded image is not a selfie or is inconsistent.BR
ERROR5028This is not a identity document front, is a identity document back.BR
ERROR5029This is not a identity document front.BR
ERROR5030This is not a identity document back, is a identity document front.BR
ERROR5031This is not a identity document back.BR
ERROR5032This is not a driver's license front, is a driver's license back.BR
ERROR5033This is not a driver's license front.BR
ERROR5034This is not a driver's license back, is a driver's license front.BR
ERROR5035This is not a driver's license back.BR
ERROR5036A readable data could not be identified in the image sent.AR, BR
ERROR5039File must be JPEG or PNG.BR
ERROR5040Duplicated image.BR
ERROR5059Selfie could not be validated.AR

Send OTP

StatusStatus codeStatus detailCountry
ERROR5005Invalid OTP.CO
ERROR5042Account Creation has expired.CO
ERROR5043OTP code has expired.CO
ERROR7003Resend OTP max attempts reached.CO

Other error codes

StatusStatus codeStatus detailCountry
ERROR3001Invalid credentials.ALL
ERROR3002Unregistered IP address.ALL
ERROR3003Merchant has no authorization to use this API.ALL
ERROR3004Signature not match.ALL
ERROR3005Token not found or inactive.ALL
ERROR3006Invalid token.ALL
ERROR4004Account not found.ALL
ERROR4005Card not found.ALL
ERROR4006Transfer not found.ALL
ERROR4007Webhook not found.ALL
ERROR4008Webhook URL already exists.ALL
ERROR4009Webhook event already exist.ALL
ERROR4010Statement not found.PA
ERROR5000Invalid request.ALL
ERROR5001Invalid parameter + [param name].ALL
ERROR5002Missing parameter + [param name].ALL
ERROR5003Invalid account status.ALL
ERROR5004Invalid card status.ALL
ERROR5006Transfer error due merchant reference already used.ALL
ERROR5007Transfer error due compliance limits.ALL
ERROR5008Transfer error due end beneficiary blacklisted.ALL
ERROR5009Transfer error due Insufficient funds.ALL
ERROR5010Transfer error due to compliance.ALL
ERROR5013Token has expired. The end user has to login to "Issuer login page".ALL
ERROR5016Invalid card identifier.ALL
ERROR5017Card identifier already used.ALL
ERROR5045Create card max attempts reached.CO
ERROR5047Incorrect Address.AR
ERROR5048Incorrect zip codeAR
ERROR5049Incorrect tax identifierAR
ERROR5046Error in issuerALL
ERROR5051Encrypted card activation code is invalid.PA
ERROR5052Invalid activation code.PA
ERROR5053Activation code does not correspond with the card ID.PA
ERROR5054Invalid card typeALL
ERROR5055Tracking not found.ALL
ERROR5057The state code does not correspond to the region.BR
ERROR5058Further information is required to create the account.PE
ERROR7000Internal error.ALL
ERROR7002Error saving data card on third party vaulting.ALL
ERROR7004Cards Batch already exists.ALL
ERROR7005Dispute already exists.ALL
ERROR7006Period for dispute already passed.ALL
ERROR7007A dispute already exist for this transaction.ALL
ERROR7008Dispute not found.ALL
ERROR7009Tracking status not available.ALL
ERROR7010Transactions with a REJECTED status are not eligible for dispute.ALL

Error 5013 detail

When Error 5013 appear you need to redirect the following URL:
callback_urlURL to redirect to after successful login process.
account_idUser's account ID.

Transaction status codes

StatusStatus CodeStatus detail
PENDING100The payment is pending.
COMPLETED200The payment was completed.
REJECTED300The payment was rejected.
REJECTED301Rejected by bank.
REJECTED302Insufficient amount.
REJECTED303Card blacklisted.
REJECTED304Score validation.
REJECTED305Max attempts reached.
REJECTED306Call bank for authorize.
REJECTED307Duplicated payment.
REJECTED308Credit card disabled.
REJECTED309Card expired.
REJECTED310Card reported lost.
REJECTED311Card requested by the bank.
REJECTED312Card restricted by the bank.
REJECTED313Card reported stolen.
REJECTED314Invalid card number.
REJECTED315Invalid security code.
REJECTED316Unsupported operation.
REJECTED317Rejected due to high risk.
REJECTED318Invalid transaction.
REJECTED319Amount exceeded.
REJECTED3203D-Secure is required.
REJECTED321Error in acquirer.
REJECTED322Wallet disabled
REJECTED323Invalid user account
REJECTED325Transaction frequency limit exceeded
REJECTED326User account disabled or expired
REJECTED327Error in external network
REJECTED328Rejected by the merchant due to other reason
REJECTED329Rejected by merchant due to card blacklisted
REJECTED330Rejected by merchant due to high risk
REJECTED331Rejected by merchant due to Invalid transaction
REJECTED332Rejected by merchant due to Insufficient funds
REJECTED333Rejected by the merchant due to time out
CANCELLED400The payment was cancelled.