The Personal Information Object

The Personal Information Object

date_of_birthDatePerson’s date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY).
document_typeStringPerson’s document Type (e.g. DNI, CPF).

See the documents code list per country.
documentStringPerson’s document number.

See the documents list per country.
countryStringPerson’s country of residence.

See the code list per country
addressStringPerson’s address.
cityStringPerson’s city.
zip_codeStringPerson’s Zip/Postal Code.
phone_numberStringPerson’s phone number.
mothers_full_nameStringPerson’s mother’s full name.

Example Object

   "personal_information": {
      "date_of_birth": "12-07-1989",
      "document_type": "CI",
      "document": "9999999",
      "country": "UY",
      "address": "Dr. Luis Bonavita 1234",
      "city": "Montevideo",
      "zip_code": "11300",
      "phone_number": "+59899314521",
      "mothers_full name": "Edith Garcia"