Payins API Reference
This section covers the basic concepts of the payment transaction types and the technical details of the Payins API. It contains functional examples of the requests and important observations to be taken into account during integration.
All calls to the Payins API will return JSON responses, including errors.
For the sandbox environment just replace for


      Learn how to set up the headers for making API requests, and encrypt sensitive information.
      See the payment methods available by country
      Learn how to make payments with all payment methods
      Learn how to make refunds
      Get information about your orders.
      Make payments in installments
      Learn how to securely save cards for recurring payments
      Get the exchange rate between any two currencies
      Detailed information for each country, like ID document required and its validation.
Get started with the Security section of this documentation:
This is the API Reference of dLocal's API 2.0.
Looking for the documentation of dLocal's API 1.0? You can find it here.
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