Assign PIN

Learn how to manage PIN fields.

Be aware that:


Virtual cards

  • Do not have a PIN number associated, the Set PIN and Update PIN requests only work for physical cards.

Also, PIN management implementation may vary whether you are Full PCI compliant. In any case, be aware that:


The new PIN

  • Can't be an ascending sequence. E.g. 1234
  • Can't be a descending sequence. E.g. 4321
  • Can't be a number repetition. E.g. 1111

Full PCI Compliant Merchants

If the merchant complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Sensitive Card Data, such as the PIN, can be send encrypted inside the JSON Request Body using JWE.

Check Encryption flow here.

Non PCI Compliant Merchants

dLocal provides a JavaScript library that enables you to display sensitive card data in your application or web page while limiting your data security compliance burden.

Our solution accomplishes this by rendering an iframe to handle input or update of the card PIN field on your web page while ensuring that you are compliant with PCI requirements.


Learn how to set a PIN for the first time or set a new PIN in case the end user forgot it.

Update PIN

Offer the option to change the card PIN on your site.