Payment links

Learn how to create payment links through the Merchant Dashboard.

Payment links allow you to collect payments securely and go to market in no time. It is the perfect add-on tool to use alongside other dLocal products and it requires no integration.

How it works

Create link

To create a payment link, follow these steps:

  1. In the Merchant Dashboard, go to the Payment links section.
  2. Click on +Create link.
  3. Fill out the form with the payment information.
dLocal Merchant Dashboard

dLocal Merchant Dashboard

Basic configurations

When creating a new payment link, you must define:

CountryIt is the country where the payment will be collected.
CurrencyThe customer will be paying in their local currency. If your balance is in another currency FX rates may apply.
AmountIt is the final amount to be paid by your customers.
Link titleThe title will help you identify your payment link more easily. It will be for internal use only.

Advanced configurations

Before creating, you can define other features using the “Advanced configurations” button.

Order IDIt is a number that will help you identify which payment you are collecting. If you don't complete it, it will be generated for you.
Customer full nameThe full name of the customer you want to make the payment.
Customer IDCustomer's unique identifier.


Remember this is a unique payment link, if you need to collect multiple payments we recommend using our API integration.

Send link to your customer

After creating your payment link, it is time to share it with your customer.

Copy the URL generated and paste it into an email, on a SMS or share it on social media.
When the customer enters the link, they are redirected to the checkout page. They will have all the payment methods available according to your account configuration.

Manage the payment links

When you finish creating your link, you will see it listed in the Payment link section.
In the section, you can find all the related information such as the link URL, status, title, amount, and created date

Track payments

View all of your payments in the Payment link section.
Payment links can have the following statuses:

CREATEDThe payment link is active and can be used to make a payment.
PAIDPayment link has been successfully paid.
REJECTEDThe payment has failed and cannot be completed with a different payment method.
EXPIREDThe link expired before your customer was able to pay for it. It can no longer be paid or reactivated to be active.

Create filtered views

Use the filters to refine the payments displayed.

Date range pickerFilter the payments list to those within your chosen timeframe by selecting your desired start date and end date.