Learn about the dLocal supported payment methods in Tanzania.

Market specifications

Take a look of all the payment methods available.

Country reference Alternative Payment Method supported

Alternative Payments

Learn how to integrate cash, bank transfer or wallet payment.

Mobile Money

Market specifications

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Country reference

country codecurrency codedocument namedocument formatdocument required?
TZTZSNational Identity CardUnique 20 digit national ID numberYes

Alternative Payment Method supported

payment_method_idNamepayment_method_typeAllowed FlowsLogo
MW / All telecom companies
VC / Vodacom

Alternative Payment Method

Mobile Money

Mobile Money is a widely used payment method in Africa that enables people to send and receive money through their mobile phones. Users need to register for an account, provide identification, and deposit money through authorized agents or channels.

Mobile Money platforms are operated mainly by telecommunications companies and they have enabled financial inclusion by providing banking services to unbanked or underbanked individuals.

Customize payment options

The payment method ID may vary based on the specific user experience you intend to provide.

  • Offer all telecom companies. To offer all available telecommunications options, complete "payment_method_id": "MW".
  • Provide a specific network. To specify a particular telecommunications company, input the corresponding ID. For example, if you intend to utilize the Vodacom network, use "payment_method_id": "VC".


Choosing the right network option

To use a specific network feature effectively, make sure to know the user's telecommunications company. If you're unsure, use the generic one to prevent any potential misunderstandings so that all companies are supported.

To find all the available payment options, refer to the Alternative Payment Method supported section.


Mobile Money
Max. expiration time supported5 days
Notification delayDepending on provider
Supported walletsAirtel, Tigo, mPesa, Vodacom, Zantel, Halopesa, Ezy-pesa, TTCL.

UX Flow

Flow might slightly differ depending on the provider.

Alternative flow

Request Parameters

amountNumberAmount to be charged.Yes

Transaction currency in ISO 4217.

Transaction country in ISO 3166.

ID of the selected payment method.
payer.nameStringName of the payer.Yes
payer.emailStringEmail of the payer.Yes
payer.phoneStringPhone number of the payer.Yes
payer.documentNumberDocument of the payer.Yes
order_idNumberID of the capture given by the merchant in their system. Think of it as an external ID of the capture.No
notification_urlStringNotifications will be sent in every change of status of a payment to the notification_url specified by the merchant.No


    "amount": 1000,
    "currency": "TZS",
    "country": "TZ",
    "payment_method_id": "MW",
    "payment_method_flow": "DIRECT",
    "payer": {
        "name": "Jane Doe",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "phone": "254746488970",
        "document": "12345678901234567890",
        "address": {
            "country": "TZ",
            "state": "Dar es Salaam",
            "city": "Dar es Salaam",
            "zip_code": "8858",
            "street": "Main St.",
            "number": "540"
    "order_id": "34545sk3483kqw0",
    "description": "Tshirt",
    "notification_url": "http://merchantsite.com/notification/new",
    "callback_url": "http://merchantsite.com/success_page"
    "id": "D-4-74fb9f36-eced-4433-4e32-2a77e90de8c6",
    "amount": 1000,
    "currency": "TZS",
    "payment_method_id": "MW",
    "payment_method_type": "BANK_TRANSFER",
    "payment_method_flow": "DIRECT",
    "country": "TZ",
    "bank_transfer": {},
    "ticket": {},
    "created_date": "2023-01-23T19:21:58.000+0000",
    "status": "PENDING",
    "status_detail": "The payment is pending.",
    "status_code": "100",
    "order_id": "34545sk3483kqw0",
    "notification_url": "http://merchant.com/notification/new"