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General specifications

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General specifications

Documentation is key evidence of authenticity for our compliance check. To ensure a faster and smoother process, please submit clear and valid documentation.

Here are the specific requirements:

AspectsSpecific requirements
Accepted formatsJPEG, JPG, and PNG.
Color detailFull color
Maximum file size13MB maximum file size.
Minimum resolution600x600
Image clarityClear image without dirt or obstructions.

Company documentation

The documents we require for a company will depend on the industry type, country, and risk level. Below you can find the explanation for all the possible company-related documents.

Company information

Document TypeDescription
BANK_STATEMENTBank confirmation letter or bank statement (no older than 6 months). Please add a Bank Statement with a current date that clearly displays the account belongs to the company that will be signing the agreement with dLocal and from which dLocal will be processing PayIn and/or PayOuts.
TAX_IDDocument issued by the tax authority showing the tax identificatory number that the company uses for tax filing and reporting purposes.
CERTIFICATE_OF_INCORPORATIONA certificate of incorporation relates to the formation of the company and is usually issued by a government entity. The information in the certificate varies from country to country but may include the following: (a) type of corporation; (b) name of the corporation, (c) legal address, (d) date when the company was incorporated, (e) public registry where the company was incorporated, etc. Sometimes it can also include information on shareholders.
CERTIFICATE_OF_GOOD_STANDINGThe certificate of Good Standing confirms: (a) continuous unbroken existence since incorporation; (b) all relevant filings have been made; and (c) no action has been taken to strike the company off. Note: If the company has up to 12 months of incorporation is not required.
SECRETARY_OF_STATE_REGISTRATIONThe Secretary of State registration is documentation filed with the Secretary of State in the United States. Only for the USA.
ARTICLES_OF_ASSOCIATION_BYLAWS_MEMORANDUM_OF_INCORPORATIONThese documents set out the purpose and duration of the company, rights, duties, and responsibilities of shareholders and directors, in addition to rules for governance, administration, representation, and legal domicile. Please add them as applicable.
SOURCE_OF_FUNDS_DECLARATIONThis document provides information about the source of funds being used in a financial transaction or business activity.
OTHER_DOCUMENTCan be used to send additional documentation.

Company activity

Document TypeDescription
COMPANY_AUDITED_FINANCIAL_STATEMENTSFinancial Statements reviewed by an independent professional (i.e., an Auditor) and including a report/opinion.
AML_POLICIESThe policies and procedures the company has in place to prevent and detect money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery and corruption, and sanctions.
INDEPENDENT_REPORT_AMLIndependent report on the effectiveness of AML policies and procedures. This document is required to understand the effectiveness of the compliance framework.
COPY_OF_REGULATORY_LICENSEThis document is required to confirm if the company is operating within the local legal framework.

UBO and directors

Document TypeDescription
OUTLINE_OF_COMPANY_OWNERSHIP_STRUCTUREOutline of the company's ownership structure. A clear corporate ownership structure of the company with full legal names, country of incorporation, and % of participation, outlining the ultimate beneficial owners and signed by the legal representative.
SHAREHOLDERS_REGISTRYA shareholder registry is a document where shareholders' interest in the company is recorded.
DIRECTORS_REGISTRYA director registry is a document that shows the names of the directors appointed by the company to represent it. By law, companies are required to keep this list up to date to remove those directors who are deceased or resigned and to add those who have been elected by the shareholders.
UBO_COPY_OF_ID_{i}Replace {i} with the index of UBO sent in the KYC documentation service, starting from 1. This document is required to validate the individual's identity.
UBO_PROOF_OF_ADDRESS_{i}Replace {i} with the index of UBO sent in the KYC documentation service, starting from 1. This document is required to validate the individual's country of residence.
DIRECTOR_COPY_OF_ID_{i}Replace {i} with the index of Director sent in the KYC documentation service, starting from 1. This document is required to validate the individual's identity.
DIRECTOR_PROOF_OF_ADDRESS_{i}Replace {i} with the index of Director sent in the KYC documentation service, starting from 1. This document is required to validate the individual's country of residence.

Individuals' validations

Proof of identity

Providing a valid identity document is a crucial step in the User account creation process.

We accept the main types of ID recognized in each country.

Argentina DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad)
BrazilNational ID
Cédula de identidade/RG (Registro general) [For nationals]
RNM [For foreigners]
RNE [For foreigners]

Driver's license
Carteira Nacional de Habilitação
MexicoINE (Credencial de elector)
ColombiaCédula de identidad

Image best practices

Here's a demonstration illustrating both approved and disapproved scenarios.


Check your identity document validity

Please ensure that all the identity documents are valid. We recommend submitting documents that remain valid for at least three months beyond the current date.


These are the requirements for taking a selfie:

  • Take a photo against a plain white background. Avoid wearing hats, dark glasses, or anything that could obscure your facial features.
  • The photo should display a front view of your whole face from the shoulders up, with your eyes open and looking directly at the camera.
  • Avoid using blurry images, filters, or enhancements. The image should be clear.
  • Maintain a vertical orientation.

Proof of address

We have the following requirements to validate the proof of address to be:

ValidityDocuments no older than 3 months.
TypeUtility bill or bank statement.
Additional detailsMake sure the full name, date, and address are included.