Handle accounts

Learn account management essentials.

Through dLocal for Platforms API, you can easily manage your Liable accounts and User accounts.

With straightforward endpoints, you can efficiently perform tasks such as retrieving accounts, updating settings, blocking and unblocking, and canceling accounts whenever you need.

Get balance

Get the account balance with the account ID.

You can get the available balance and the amount pending to settle.

Check the balance of an existing account >


Please note that you can only payout/withdraw the amount in available balance.

Get accounts

Get all the information of an account by query with the account ID.

Some use cases of using this endpoint:

  1. When you are in the process of onboarding, you can query to know which status your accounts are in. Errors will be shown together if any. You can update the information accordingly. In the meantime, you can also subscribe to our webhook to be notified of the account status change.
  2. To retrieve the detailed information of the account anytime.

Retrieve an account >

Update account settings

Besides the overall settings applied to your Platform account, we also support updating settings for Liable accounts and User accounts via API during your day-to-day operations.

The settings that can be updated are:

  1. Pricing level. The specific user accounts or liable accounts will be applied to different pricing levels compared with the general setting.
  2. Settlement period. Accounts can have different settlement periods compared with the general setting.
  3. Installment fee responsibility. You can choose for each account that the payins installment fee is liable for users or end customers.

Adjust account configurations >

Block and unblock accounts

This function is used to block or unblock accounts temporarily. Upon unblocking, the status will revert to its previous state.

When you block accounts:

  1. Payins and refund requests of the blocked accounts will be rejected.
  2. Payouts or withdraw requests for the blocked accounts will be rejected.

Take action: Block account >

Undo: Unblock account >


There are some circumstances that dLocal might block accounts for risk reasons mainly. We will inform you while webhooks with detailed reason to protect you away from the risks and help you to investigate further and solve the potential issues.

Cancel accounts

When the account is no longer being used, you can cancel an account.


Compared with block and unblock, this is an activity that can not be rollback.

Deactivate account >