Pay partners through a branded card in local currency.

Create new lines of revenue and easily give access to prepaid cards in local currencies to reach millions of consumers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Assign branded cards and send funds to cards directly to pay out partners such as drivers, homeowners, or freelancers, or use it to manage loyalty programs with customers, vendors and employees. You can easily customize the card to your brand style and make funds in local currency available instantly to pay - online and offline.

How does it work

The solution consists of facilitating the issuance of the card by local issuers which assign a master account for you and a sub-account for each user where your funds can be transferred to. Each sub-account is assigned with a prepaid card that is linked to that balance. The user will be able to use those funds to pay for anything, online or offline.
Service also includes all the relevant card operations you may be thinking of, such as creating, blocking or cancelling a card.

Get started

To start creating user accounts, you'll be using 3 main groups of services:

  1. Creating and managing user's accounts.
  2. Sending and managing funds for those accounts.
  3. Enabling access to prepaid cards, linked to the account balances.

1. Create and manage user accounts

The solution requires you to create an account with the local issuer for each user you want to credit funds to.

Our API allows you to easily create and manage these accounts, which includes enabling or disabling them, or retrieving relevant account information such as the balance, status, or the owner's information. Follow the links below to learn more about these services: ​

Create an account

Create an account with all the necessary information according to your country.

Manage accounts

This section will provide insights on enabling and disabling accounts and getting account information.

2. Manage funding

Once the account is created, you can easily transfer funds from dLocal to the local issuer to top up the users’ sub-accounts in local currency. You also get access to a wide variety of information retrieving services, including transfers information, retrieving an account's balance, and transaction history.

Manage funds

Learn how to manage user's funds and balances.

3. Associate cards

Local Issuing allows you to issue virtual and physical prepaid cards linked to the user's sub-account. The user will be able to use the cards to pay for anything online, but also to pay offline with the physical card. Refer to this section to learn more about the card creation service.

Integration setup

Issuing flows

Refer to the flows page to get a full and general picture of the services included in this API.


Review the Environments page to see the references for our Production and Sandbox environments. Both of them will work with the same requests.

API Signature

Make sure you set up the call headers as detailed on the Security page.