Costa Rica

Mandatory parameters

Mandatory parameterDescription
login32 chars
pass32 chars
external_idMax. 100 chars
document_idSee document validations below.
document_typeCI (cédula de identidad)
CJ (cédula jurídica)
CR (cédula de residencia)

See document validations.
beneficiary_nameMax. 50 chars
beneficiary_lastnameMax. 50 chars
bank_accountSee bank account validation below. ​
amountMax. 2 decimal numbers
addressMax. 200 chars
Mandatory only if the payout needs to be paid in USD.

In case this parameter is missing, the payout will be paid in local currency.

Example request

    "address":"calle 12# 12A - 12, La fortuna",

Document validations

ValidationNameLengthTypeVerification digitExample
DocumentCJ10numeric, starting with "3"No3001999999
DocumentCR11 to 22numericNo1234567890155566

Bank account validations

ValidationNameLengthTypeVerification digitExample
Bank accountIBAN22alpha -numericApply verification algorithmCR32011400007914077990