Mandatory parameters

Mandatory parameterDescription
login32 chars
pass32 chars
external_idMax. 100 chars
document_idSee document validations below.
document_typeSee document validations below.
beneficiary_nameMax. 50 chars
beneficiary_lastnameMax. 50 chars
bank_codeSee bank codes below.
bank_accountMax. 45 numbers ​
account_typeC: for Checking accounts
S: for Savings accounts
V: for Vista account ​
amountMax. 2 decimal numbers

Example request

"comments":"this is the 1st comment",

Document validations

ValidationNameLengthTypeVerification digitExample
DocumentRUT8/9Alphanumericlast digit33444111-3

Bank codes

These are the values the bank_code parameter can take in Chile.

Bank NameBank Code
Banco Bice28
Banco Consorcio55
Banco Crédito e Inversiones16
Banco de Chile1
Banco del Desarrollo507
Banco del Estado de Chile12
Banco Falabella51
Banco Internacional9
Banco Ripley53
Banco Santander - Santiago37
Banco Security49
BBVA Chile504
HSBC Bank31
Itau Corpbanca39
Scotiabank Chile14
Prepago los Héroes729
Tenpo Prepago730