Payouts API Integration

Learn how to make payouts through the Payouts API.

Integrate API

Complete one simple integration and start sending payouts in local currency to any market supported by dLocal.


Payouts has a test environment that simulates the requests available in the production environment. Testing phase vs. live.


All requests to the Payouts API must be signed and the signature included in the Payload-Signature request header for them to be accepted.

Submit a payout

Although there is a base set of parameters for the request a payout service, note that each country may have its own additional requirements.


Once the transfer is confirmed by the bank, dLocal will send a notification to your merchant notification URL informing you of the result code of the transaction. This URL can be overridden using the notification parameter for individual payout requests, however, note this new URL will only be active for that particular payout.

For details on the notification message content, see the Notification parameters section.

Purpose codes

Some countries' compliance regulations require you to specify each payment's purpose.

For details on the purpose codes check the API codes section.