South Africa

Mandatory parameters - Bank transfers

Mandatory parameterDescription
login32 chars
pass32 chars
external_idMax. 100 chars
beneficiary_nameMax. 50 chars
beneficiary_lastnameMax. 50 chars
currencyZAR or USD
amountMax. 2 decimal numbers
bank_codeSee bank codes below
account_typeC: for Checking accounts
S: for Savings accounts
bank_accountMax. 13 digits
purposeEPREMT for C2C
phonePhone number should be sent with country code +27 and 9 digits. Ex: +27792769943.
Mandatory only for remittance (C2C)
remitter_full_nameMax. 50 chars
Mandatory only for remittance (C2C)
remitter_birth_dateRemitter's birthdate. Format: YYYYMMDD
Mandatory only for remittance (C2C)
remitter_nationalityISO 3166- 1 alpha -2 code
Mandatory only for remittance (C2C)
remitter_documentRemitter's document. Max. 45 chars
Mandatory only for remittance (C2C)
remitter_document_typeID for a national identification number. PASS for a passport.
Mandatory only for remittance (C2C)
remitter_addressMax. 200 chars
Mandatory only for remittance (C2C)
remitter_cityMax. 40 chars
Mandatory only for remittance (C2C)
remitter_countryISO 3166- 1 alpha -2 code
Mandatory only for remittance (C2C)

Example request

    "login": "1n234n56",
    "pass": "HolAc123o",
    "external_id": "external123",
    "beneficiary_name": "p00",
    "beneficiary_lastname": "p00",
    "country": "ZA",
    "bank_account": "1234567890123",
    "bank_code": "20",
    "account_type": "C",
    "currency": "ZAR",
    "amount": 1,
    "type": "json",
    "purpose": "EPREMT",
    "remitter_birth_date": "20000311",
    "remitter_address": "Street",
    "remitter_nationality": "CO",
    "remitter_document": "123456789",
    "remitter_document_type": "PASS",
    "remitter_document_issue_date": "20100519",
    "remitter_document_expiry_date": "20180130",
    "remitter_full_name": "David Al",
    "remitter_city": "Zar city",
    "remitter_country": "ZAR",

Bank codes

These are the values the bank_code parameter can take in South Africa.

Bank CodeBank Name
2African Bank
3Capitec Bank Limited
4Discovery Bank Ltd
5FirstRand Bank / First National Bank (FNB) / Rand Mutual Bank (RMB)
6Grindrod Bank Limited
7Investec Bank Limited
8Nedbank Limited
9Sasfin Bank Limited
10Standard Bank Ltd
11Tyme Bank Limited
12Bidvest Bank Limited / Old Mutual
13Access Bank (South Africa) Ltd
15Ubank Ltd
16JP Morgan Chase Bank
17Mercantile Bank
18South African Postbank SOC Ltd
19Bank Windhoek
20Nedbank Namibia
21HBZ Bank Limited
22Olympus Mobile
23HSBC Bank
24VBS Mutual Bank
25Finbond Mutual Bank
26Finbond Net1
27BNP Paribas SA
28Habib Overseas Bank Ltd
29People’s Bank Ltd
30Standard Chartered Bank SA
31Ithala Bank
32Unibank Limited
33Al Baraka Bank
34State Bank of India
35Bank Zero