Dominican Republic

Mandatory parameters

Mandatory parameterDescription
login32 chars
pass32 chars
external_idMax. 100 chars
document_idSee document validations below.
document_typeRN (Registro Nacional Contribuyente)
CE (Cédula)
PASS (Pasaporte)
beneficiary_nameMax. 50 chars
beneficiary_lastnameMax. 50 chars
bank_codeSee bank codes below. ​
bank_accountSee bank account validations below. ​
account_typeC: for Checking accounts
S: for Savings accounts
amountMax. 2 decimal numbers
Mandatory only if the payout needs to be paid in USD.

In case this parameter is missing, the payout will be paid in local currency.

Example request

"comments":"this is the 1st comment",

Document validations

ValidationNameLengthTypeVerification digit
DocumentRN-NumericFirst digit should be:
Tipo de persona o contribuyente:
1- Personas Jurídicas (lucrativas)
4- Personas
Jurídicas (no lucrativas)
5- Personas Físicas

Should be valid on the local DGII.
DocumentCE11Numericlast digit - validation algorithm
DocumentPASSMin 7 Max 12Alphanumeric-

Bank codes and account format

Bank NameMax. Account lengthBank Code
Asoc. Cibao1215
Asoc. La Nacional1219
Asoc. Popular169
Banco Atlántico825
Banco BDI1011
Banco BHD León113
Banco Caribe1014
Banco de Ahorro y Credito Ademi1018
Banco de las Americas1016
Banco de Reservas104
Banco del Progreso102
Banco Empire1023
Banco López de Haro1010
Banco Multiple Activo1028
Banco Multiple Lafise1121
Banco Popular101
Banco Promerica1412
Banco Santa Cruz146
Banco Unión1026
Banco Vimenca1213
Banesco (Banco Multiple)1117