Mandatory parameters

Mandatory parameterDescription
login32 chars
pass32 chars
external_idMax. 100 chars
document_idSee document validations below.
document_typeSee document validations below.
beneficiary_nameMax. 50 chars
beneficiary_lastnameMax. 50 chars
currencyBOB or USD
bank_codeSee bank codes below.
bank_accountSee account validations below. ​
amountMax. 2 decimal numbers
Mandatory only if the payout needs to be paid in USD.

In case this parameter is missing, the payout will be paid in local currency.

Example request

  "document_type": "CI",
  "comments":"this is the 1st comment",

Document validations

ValidationNameLengthTypeVerification digitExample
Cédula de identidadCIUp to 8NumericNo check digit1234567
Cédula de Identidad de extranjero (Foreign ID number)CEUp to 8E - (numeric)No check digitE-1234567
Número de Identificación Tributaria (For companies)NITUp to 15Numeric

Bank account validations

Bank nameValidation
Banco MercantilDigits length 10
Banco Nacional de BoliviaDigits length 10
Banco UniónDigits length 14
Other banksDigits up to 15

Bank codes

These are the bank codes supported in Bolivia y for accounts in local currency (BOB) as well as USD.

Bank NameBank Code
Banco Mercantil1
Banco Nacional de Bolivia2
Banco de Crédito de Bolivia3
Banco Do Brasil4
Banco BISA5
Banco Unión6
Banco Económico7
Banco Solidario8
Banco Ganadero9
Banco Los Andes Pro Credit10
Mutual la Primera11
Mutual Guapay12
Mutual la Promotora13
Mutual el Progreso14
Mutual La Plata15
Mutual Potosí16
Mutual la Tarija17
Mutual Paititi18
Mutual del Pueblo19
Mutual Pando20
Mutual Manutata21
Cooperativa Jesús Nazareno22
Cooperativa San Martin23
Cooperativa Fátima24
Cooperativa San Pedro25
Cooperativa Loyola26
Cooperativa Hospicio27
Cooperativa San Antonio28
Cooperativa PIO X29
Cooperativa Incahuassi30
Cooperativa Quillacollo31
Cooperativa San Jose de Punata32
Cooperativa Trinidad33
Cooperativa Comarapa34
Cooperativa San Mateo35
Cooperativa El Chorolque36
Cooperativa Educadores Gran Chaco37
Cooperativa Catedral38
Magisterio Rural39
Cooperativa San Joaquín40
Cooperativa Trapetrol Oriente41
Nacional Financiera Boliviana SAN42
Financiera Acceso La Paz43
Fondo Financiero de la Comunidad44
Banco FIE45
Banco Ecofuturo47
Banco Fortaleza49