El Salvador

Mandatory parameters

Mandatory parameterDescriptionFlow type
login32 charsALL
pass32 charsALL
external_idMax. 100 charsALL
beneficiary_nameMax. 50 charsALL
beneficiary_lastnameMax. 50 charsALL
cityMax. 35 charsALL
addressMax. 35 charsALL
emailEmail format
Max. 100 chars
phoneCan be sent either with 8 digits (e.g. 12345678) or with the country code (+503) plus 8 digits (e.g. +50312345678)ALL
account_typeC: for Checking accounts
S: for Savings accounts
bank_codeSee bank codes below. ​ALL
bank_accountMax. 45 charsALL
amountMax. 2 decimal numbersALL
purposeEPREMT - Remittance
Mandatory only for remittance (P2P)
remitter_full_nameMax. 100 chars
Mandatory only for remittance (P2P)
remitter_countryISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code
Mandatory only for remittance (P2P)

Example request

    "city":"San Salvador",
    "address":"Calle Principal 123",
    "email":"[email protected]",

Bank codes & Bank account validations

Bank CodeBank NameBank account format
1Banco Atlantida El Salvador S.A.Up to 13 digits
2FedecacesUp to 18 digits
3Banco Agrícola, S.A.Up to 12 digits
4Banco de América Central, S.A.Up to 9 digits
5Banco Davivienda Salvadoreño, S.A.Up to 12 digits
6Banco Cuscatlán SV, S.A.Up to 15 digits
7Banco PromericaUp to 15 digits
8Banco Azul de El Salvador, S.A.Up to 14 digits
9Banco de Fomento AgropecuarioUp to 13 digits
10Banco Hipotecario de El Salvador S.A.Up to 11 digits
11Banco Industrial El Salvador S.A.Up to 12 digits
12Sociedad de Ahorro y Crédito GenteUp to 11 digits
13CitibankUp to 14 digits