Card Payments
For credit card payments you can use the card information only if you business is Full PCI DSS compliant. Otherwise you need to securely collect the card information using Smart Fields. For recurring payments, first save the card, and then use the card_id to charge the card.
Important: If you are making a payment with credit card information or a Google Pay token, you need to use the following endpoint:
Card payments with a card_id or token should use the endpoint:

Authorization and capture

Authorizing a card payment allows you to reserve funds in a customer's bank account, days before the actual payment occurs – for example when making hotel reservations or booking car rentals.
It's a two-step process. First you need to create an Authorization, and then you need to Capture it.

Saving Cards

Stores a card's information on dLocal's servers, and returns a card_id, that can be used to make payments later on


When creating a card payment with installments, the Merchant will receive the full amount of the payment at settlement, with no risks involved.
To create a payment with installments, first you need to create an Installments Plan, to guarantee the surcharge per installment that will be charged.
With the Installment Plan id ( installments_id ) and the number of installments, you can go ahead and create a payment with installments



In some regions 3D-Secure authentication might be mandatory.