About account cancellation

Learn what you can and cannot do while an account is being cancelled.

When an account is under the status302 it means that the account is in the process of being cancelled.

Status detail

StatusStatus codeStatus detail
ACTIVE302The account is being cancelled

Allowed actions

While an account is being cancelled, some actions could be limited to do.


Some actions are described as not applicable because the account status does not interfere with them.


ActionCan do?
Create account-ownerNo
Upload KYCYes
Send OTP CodesYes
Resend OTP CodesYes

Update Account Information

ActionCan do?
Update phoneYes
Update emailYes
Update addressYes
Update imagesYes

Manage Accounts

ActionCan do?
Get account informationYes
Cancel accountNo
List all the accountsNot applicable

Manage Funds

ActionCan do?
Transfer fundsNo
Get transfer informationYes
Retrieve merchant balanceNot applicable
Retrieve user accounts balanceYes
Transaction historyYes
Simulate transactionNo
Currency exchangeNo
Transfer statusYes

Issue cards

ActionCan do?
Create cardNo
Create cards batchNot applicable
Assign cardNo
Reassign cardNo
Get card informationYes
Activate cardNo
Unblock cardNo
Block cardNo
Cancel cardNot applicable (already cancelled)
Card statusYes


ActionCan do?
Get current statement informationYes
Retrieve statement transactionsYes
List statementsYes
Retrieve statementsYes


ActionCan do?
Simulate authorizationNo
Create authorization controlNo
List all the authorization controlsYes
Retrieve an authorization controlYes
Update authorization controlNo
Delete authorization controlNo


ActionCan do?
Create notificationsNot applicable
Update webhooksNot applicable
Retrieve a notificationNot applicable
List all the notificationsNot applicable
Delete webhooksNot applicable


ActionCan do?
Create new disputeYes (up to 90 days after the purchase)
Get dispute informationYes
List all disputesYes

Card tracking

ActionCan do?
Get card tracking statusYes