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Simulate errors in sandbox environment


You can simulate card creation errors in Sandbox by sending the header 'X-DLOCAL-ERROR-MOCK-RESPONSE' with the value equals one of the following error code.

Error codes & DescriptionAccount StatusAction to follow
5011: Email already exists.Status: PENDING
Status code: 106
​PATCH Email​
5012: Phone number already exists.Status: PENDING
Status code: 105
PATCH Phone​
5047: Incorrect AddressStatus: PENDING
Status code: 107
PATCH Address​
5027: The uploaded image is not a selfie or is inconsistentStatus: PENDING
Status code: 108
POST Images​
5036: A readable data could not be identified in the image sent.Status: PENDING
Status code: 108
​POST Images​
5018: Document already existStatus: REJECTED
Status code: 505
Create a new account with a new document number.