Create Sub-Account

Learn how to create Sub-Accounts and associate them with your marketplace.

Accounts creation flow


Associate a Sub-Account

When a Sub-Account wants to process payments on his Marketplace account using dLocal as a provider, there are two possibilities:

Create a new account

In this case, the Marketplace must create a dLocal account for the Sub-Account, using the Create account service. In case the account creation is successful, the Marketplace must store the Sub-Account's dLocal account_id associated with the Sub-account’s Marketplace account.

Associate an existing account

The two scenarios, in this case, are the following:

  • A Sub-Account associated his Marketplace account with his dLocal account deleted the association and wants to associate it again.
  • The Sub-Account wants to associate the same dLocal account with more than one Marketplace account.

The Sub-Account must input its dLocal credentials and the Marketplace must use the Authenticate account service to validate them.

In case the validation is successful, the Marketplace must store the Sub-Account dLocal account_id associated with the Sub-Account’s Marketplace account (Main Account).