API integration guide
Welcome! When starting the integration process, follow these easy steps and your business will start offering local payment options shortly.

Sign Up

The first step is to create a new dLocal merchant account here: https://dashboard.dlocal.com/signup
After submitting information, you will receive a confirmation link from [email protected] in your email address. Verify the link, and you are all set to access the panel.

First sign in

Access the merchant panel through https://dashboard.dlocal.com/login using the email and password you set when signing up. You are now ready to operate in the Sandbox environment.
Remember to change your password after your first sign in. You can do that through Settings >> Change my password.
New documentation site
This documentation is now hosted on a new site that is easier to navigate, contribute to, get started with, and overall a big improvement for the experience.
The site you are currently in will soon be deprecated but everything you need is available on the new site.
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