In some regions 3D-Secure authentication might be mandatory. In such scenario, the Create a Payment function will return a payment with status =PENDING (status_code = 101 ). The Payment Object and will include a 3D-Secure object, containing the URL that the user needs to be redirected to complete the authorization.

Once user completed the authentication successfully, the payment will proceed to be processed, and the user will be redirected to the callback_url .

Example Response to Create a Payment

"id": "D-4-03dd274e-672a-4b11-8d41-b0ad76a7c55d",
"amount": 474.00,
"currency": "INR",
"payment_method_id": "CARD",
"payment_method_type": "CARD",
"payment_method_flow": "DIRECT",
"country": "IN",
"card": {
"holder_name": "Nino Deicas",
"expiration_month": 10,
"expiration_year": 2040,
"brand": "VI",
"last4": "1111"
"three_dsecure" : {
"redirect_url" : "http://sandbox.dlocal.com/three-ds/M-64356345634587b3495"
"created_date": "2018-07-12T17:02:47.000+0000",
"status": "PENDING",
"status_detail": "The payment is pending 3D Secure authentication.",
"status_code": "101",
"order_id": "waC3GWwRYwAP",
"notification_url": "http://merchant.com/notification",
"callback_url": "http://merchant.com/return"